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We offer a huge range of the best uPVC window styles on the market today.

Whatever type of property you own, whether it’s traditional or contemporary, period or heritage, and whatever your own particular style, we’ve a superior quality range designed to add value to your home. What’s more, you don’t need to choose between beauty and efficiency – all our uPVC window styles are designed to look amazing and perform impeccably.

Here are some examples of the styles of windows we have on offer:


If you’re looking for a crisp, understated design classic, the clean, angular lines of our casement windows could be just right for you.

Casement Windows from Independent Network are distinguished by a part of the window (known as the sash) opening outwards – whether from the top or side. Available in a huge range of style combinations, casements are a popular choice for many homeowners, suiting every type of home.

Vertical Sliding Windows
Not only do our replacement sash windows look exactly like their traditional timber predecessors, they’re a lot more energy-efficient and so much easier to maintain. Technically advanced, but with traditional heritage looks, vertical sliding windows offer the very best of both worlds.

Ideally suited to homes with a traditional look and feel, Vertical Sliders offer the added benefits of improved heat retention and security. You can also wave goodbye to the worries of problematic weights and cords, or any of the usual drawbacks associated with traditional sliding sash windows such as swelling, squeaking or continual repainting.

Plus, as well as sliding, the sashes are cleverly designed to tilt inwards for both ventilation and so that the windows can be cleaned from the inside! 

Tilt & Turn
Tilt and turn windows are a sophisticated blend of functionality, clean lines, versatility and security.

With one turn of the handle, the window can be tilted inwards, allowing the room to breathe, while still providing a barrier against the outside elements. A second turn of the handle, opens the tilt and turn window fully inwards for maximum fresh air and a luxurious sense of space. The result is you feel seamlessly connected with the world outside.

Deceptively simple in appearance and operation, tilt and turn windows have no outward-opening parts, so the clean lines of your home are maintained no matter whether they’re tilted, fully open or closed.

FlushSash Windows
While, heritage buildings look and feel amazing, more often than not they come with draughty living conditions due to badly fitting timber windows or ineffective single glazing.

If you wish to retain the simple, classic lines of traditional timber-framed windows, but want all the many benefits of a modern-day uPVC system, too. FlushSash uPVC windows are the perfect solution.

The early 19th century-inspired design makes these Independent Network uPVC flush-fit windows ideal for those making home improvements in conservation areas, where authentic looks are all-important. Plus, the right choice of hardware, such as monkey-tail handles, can really add to the heritage look and feel you’re looking for.

Fully Reversible Windows
The fully reversible window swings right the way round so that the outer pane of glass ends up on the inside - for this reason they are very popular in high rise apartments blocks or anywhere where it's difficult to clean the window from outside. 

Constructed using VEKA Matrix 70 profile, the Fully Reversible excels in both aesthetics and reliability. Designed to accept any desired glazing option, this window is suitable for you to specify the energy rating of your choice.

Fully Reversibles are available in a spectrum of coloured windows, the most popular being white sash windows and woodgrain effects such as Golden Oak windows and Rosewood windows.