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Leka Orangery in Gloucestershire

This orangery has been constructed using the new Leka roofing system.

Consisting of GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) Rafters. Insulated Celotex sheets are snugly fitted with a 15mm gap from the internal Leka sheets. Celotex is one of the UKs leading insulation specialists, providing high-value thermal efficiency and BBA certified and a significant benefit in achieving a better Orangery, roof insulation efficiency level.

Next, strong, load bearing insulated sheets are added. These ensure less roofing bars and higher efficiency.

These Leka outer boards are engineered to offer, a structural alternative to plywood, 100% waterproof outer covering which is thermally very efficient and significantly lighter to other roof covering boards. An outer weatherproof coating is then applied here we have used EPDM (Rubber Membrane).

We have also installed two Double Glazed Flat Skylights with blue tint to the glass allowing cool light to flood the interior.